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Our primary goal is to provide resurfacing solutions for bathtubs and wall tiles.

Bathtub Refinishing & More for Medford and Melrose, MA

Since 1997 Custom Coat and Glaze has successfully completed over 30,000 bathtub refinishing services in Middlesex County, MA. We are the preferred refinisher of the Boston Globe 2010 and 2011.

We specialize in the repairing and refinishing of bathtubs and wall tiles for porcelain and fiberglass fixtures. We use nothing but above industry grade materials and quality workmanship, ensuring years of durable service. While there are other service companies offering slightly less (less cost also translates into less quality materials), free gifts or coupon gimmicks to lure customers in, Custom Coat still stands strong by offering no frills, no surprises and no bait and switch tactics. We are the predominant industry staple for bathtub refinishing services for Middlesex County, MA and would love to show you how you actually get what you pay for.
First on all tubs, we remove caulking off the top of tub, next comes the preparation where do perform our double etch technique (no one does this but us, they all think single etch is enough, we know it's not, we haven't changed our methods since day one) after we install a professional exhaust in your window, we mask off area with paper, and begin the process by applying 6 coats (again no one does this many coating applications but us, perhaps that's the reason why they charge slightly less, again, it's all about getting what you pay for) then re caulking the top of the tub.

If you mention this ad, I will include a non-slip floor installed to eliminate the need for a mat so you don't slip, (retail 50.00) in the price. Your cost is 299.00 and everything mentioned. It's all about getting the biggest bang for your buck, that's what were all about.
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The national average for replacing a bathtub ranges from $1,500 - $4,000 when all replacement and labor costs are considered. Most people would have a hard time telling the difference between a new bathtub and a tub refinished by Custom Coat & Glaze.

Porcelain bathtubs and walls can be beautifully restored to look and feel like "new" through the process of refinishing. Refinishing allows a porcelain or tile fixture to be repaired or the color changed right where it is, without removal.

We can cosmetically change your existing porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs and tiles to accommodate any color scheme of your choice.

With a restored, smooth, glossy surface, your bath fixture is much easier to clean. Refinishing is very durable and should last many years of service with proper care.
Clean modern bathroom in Essex, MA after bathtub reglazing
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About Tile Refinishing in Suffolk County, MA

The Process

Custom Coat and Glaze has successfully and beautifully performed thousands of tile refinishing services in Suffolk County, MA. Custom Coat takes the time to get it right, whether it be tile refinishing different colored tiles due to damage, or simple color changes, Custom Coat and Glazes' refinishing system is specifically designed for the residential and commercial customer in mind. Give us a call and let us show you how you can save thousands of dollars over replacements.

The pictures illustrated on this page are true illustrations of our technique and process for tile refinishing in Suffolk County, MA. As you compare other sites, you will notice more information is being presented by Custom Coat, than anyone else, this is to ensure you have an understanding of our process, methods and the safety precautions we take to ensure you have a worth-while experience.

Preparation of the work surface:
CC&G takes great care to ensure that any surrounding areas are protected and that smells from the refinishing process are properly removed with our state of the art exhaust units.
Person cleaning the bathroom wall in Lowell, MA

Cleaning and Preparation:

We first remove the old bead of caulk from the top of your bathtub. The surface is prepared to ensure to ensure super adhesion. Next the surface is cleaned thoroughly with a propriety two step cleaner to remove soaps, oils, water stains and other surface impediments. Masking paper is then put around the tub area and floor, ensuring a clean area to work.

Bonding Process:

CC&G will apply a coat of bonding agent, to bond the new finish to the old surface. This is the key to super adhesion on all our surfaces, especially porcelain and tile. This process has a proven track record for well over 21 years and its strength and durability will Undoubtedly speak for itself for years to come.

Top Coat Application:

We begin applying 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of Acrylic Urethane (allowing for proper drying between coats). We remove all paper mask and re- apply a caulk bead to seal cracks and gaps (on top of tub). Our technicians will go over maintenance and care instructions for your new surface before we leave, ensuring you ease of maintenance. Let dry 24 - 48 hours and your tub is ready to be used. 48 hours is the full cycle cure and is highly recommended.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Leakey faucets should always be abated prior to arrival. Over time, water has a tendency of breaking down most surfaces it comes in contact with. Letting water build up on your surface could eventually lead to problems later on. (even pure porcelain will break down eventually, causing problems and staining).
  • Do not use suction cup mats. Leaving these mats on the surface for considerable amounts of time could trap water between these cups, causing the metal ores in the water to crystallize and attach it self to the refinished surface.(not covered under warranty).
  • Do not use harsh abrasives, gritty soaps and or bleach derivatives .This could cause a wearing down of the gloss .When in doubt, treat your fixture like a new car finish and apply some common sense.
  • Do not pick surface dust off your surface in time they will become brittle and break off.
  • Try to wipe your fixture down after every use, this will minimize your up keep on your surface.
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Here are some pictures of a bathtub and tile refinishing job we recently completed...it looks like a brand new bathroom!
Bathroom before refinished in Lowell, MA
Pink bathroom after refinished in Lowell, MA
Bathtub before refinished in Lowell, MA
Bathtub after refinished in Lowell, MA
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