Bathtub Refinishing FAQs

Q. My porcelain / fiberglass fixture seems dull in appearance and is hard to clean, what can I do?

A. The gloss barrier coat has been eroded and there is film trapped beneath. The only way to correct this issue properly would be to encapsulate the surface by refinishing it.
Q. How long should my finish last?

A. With proper care and maintenance you expect to get over 5- plus years, how much more depends on your care and maintenance. Keep in mind however, there are refinished tubs out there that are still in use over 17 years!
Q. How long does it take to refinish?

A. Depending on the fixture, anywhere between 3-1/2 and 4-1/2 hours for a bathtub, and up to 5 hours for a complete shower and tub. Drying time is 24 - 48 hours (full cure).
Q. How durable is it?

A. Just as technology has improved in so many ways, the coatings we use at CC&G have surpassed ASTM standards and measures for strength and durability. However, Just like a new surface, a refinished surface can be chipped or scratched if it is abused (warranty does not cover abuse.).
Q. Will my tub look painted?

A. Most definitely not, in fact most people would have a hard time distinguishing the difference between a new tub and a refinished one. Refinishing is that good if it is done right.
Q. I'm doing a bathroom remodeling project, does Custom Coat & Glaze offer services besides fixture reglazing.

A. Yes, Custom Coat & Glaze has a licensed and insured plumber to remove or replace any bathroom fixtures.

When Selecting a Contractor/Consumer Protection

When shopping around for the best deal, keep in mind:

That for, most companies that are not local, cannot and will not deliver on what they promise. They rely on newspaper ads where they offer low prices, instant advertising and nothing more. These companies also use an 800 toll free number, which should give some indication that they are not local, in fact they are most likely out of state operators who run ads, seasonally (usually from either neighboring states, down south, or better yet Canada ) some of these fly by night operators work 3 seasons, then leave for the winter, come back in the spring, usually under the pretext of another company name, and offer you incredible warranties at a cut rate price, this is where the term was coined - you get what you pay for - was derived. If there is a problem with your fixture will they come back? This happens more often than not in most trades, although unfortunate, this could happen to you.

CC&G wants YOU to know that you can educate yourself on the matter of finding the right quality company to do the work at a competitive price.

So when choosing a refinishing contractor, find out how long they have been in business, are they registered with the MA Department of Corporations, do they have a local number and address? Do they have a format on their web site that's easy to follow (that's of course, if they do at all ) and is it understandable?. Were they courteous in answering your questions?

CC&G feels compelled to mention this topic on the basis of past experience. Since 1997, We have received numerous calls from clients who were not only dissatisfied with the work but couldn't get these operators to come back under a warrant call. These clients all claim if they had not thought of low prices and too good to be true warranties to be the determining factor, they most likely would have chosen a local contractor instead. In closing, CC&G is not insinuating that ALL out of state contractors operate like this, we are basically Conveying our experiences to you so you can make this rational decision yourself.

Our Process/System

Our Process

  1. Cleaning and Preparation, Bonding Process
  2. Primer Coats (the first coat of primer is applied as this coat cures/bonds into the pores of the substrate surface, the 2nd one is the base where the top coats are applied onto, Custom Coat is the ONLY company to apply additional coats - 6 total).
  3. Top Coat Applications.

Our System

Custom Coat & Glaze's refinishing system for the past 20 years is considered the finest and safest in the industry. It has surpassed all ASTM standards for durability, strength and longetivity. The high gloss finish is designed to encapsulate your worn and porous surface and to keep the water flowing resiliently down the drain, while maintaining its high gloss luster for many years to come.

Prior To Our Arrival

Your surface should not have a continual drip whether its from the tub spout, shower head or sink faucet. This issue would have to be abated prior to our arrival. Remove all items off your bath countertops. Take out anything that is not in a cabinet or stowed away. Remove all shampoo bottles soaps and other items in your bath area. Take down shower curtain and remove it out from the room. If we are refinishing a bathtub surround we will need to remove the scussion or cover plate where your controls are. If you can, take this off yourself (and put it back on after). We will also remove your overflow and drain screen (if any). These are simple to put back. If you don't know how just ask our techs, they'll be glad to show you. We will not come back to install them once we've finished unless we charge for a service call, so if you don't want them removed you MUST state this when booking the appt.

Maintenance & Cleaning

After your newly re-glazed surface is fully cured (48 hours), rinse it down with water before using it, so as to rid any coating dust which may have settled after the process. Your surface is designed for long lasting use; cleaning it with the proper materials is key to its longevity. Use only our recommended products that we list, as there are hundreds of cleaners on the market that can be more detrimental than helpful. Here is some common sense usage to apply: keep in mind, your finish will have the consistency of a brand new car finish. Never use steel wool, metal scrub pads or scouring pads as this could dull your high gloss finish and make your finish less resilient, trapping soils and water stains onto the surface. Instead, use a nylon covered sponge pad (one example is Chore Boy, found at local supermarkets). Do not use shampoos that contain dyes (they can stain your refinished surface as well a brand new one). We've been telling our clients to use Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, as well as Simple Green, Windex and mild dishwashing soap, which all work well. But the best is Scrubbing Bubbles. Maintenance is the key to keeping your surface not only functional but keeping its high gloss finish intact for many years to come.